March 13, 2019

Airbnb Founder Brian Chesky Daily Routine

by Ricky Wild in Entrepreneurs

Valued at $31b dollars, Airbnb has disrupted the travel and lodging industry. While new technology and the generational shift towards a sharing economy helped grow Airbnb, Brian Chesky lead the change. Let’s take a look at the Founder and CEO’s daily routine and productivity tips.

Upon waking up, Chesky likes to check his email. He says his job always requires “email olympics” and be available for call.

Prioritize First
Chesky likes to create a list of everything he wants to accomplish in a day and groups together similar tasks. He then decides which are the most important and can yield the greatest outcome. He continues to refine and regroup the list until he has a few big tasks left.

In his words, “You have a list of 20 things to do, you end up realizing, ‘I don’t need to do 20 things.’ If I do these three big things, the other 20 things will kind of happen as outcomes, or outputs, of it. It’s like a game of leverage.”

Brian Chesky spends most of his day meeting with different people, from influencers and investors, to customers and job applicants. Like most founders he utilizes every working moment and his only break to himself is when he reads books during lunch.

Smart Leaders Delegate
Chesky understands that he is can only effectively manage and overlook a few sections of the company, so he focuses on product, brand, and culture. In those areas, he can “add unique value” and said, “I’m truly passionate about them, and they can truly transform the company if they go well.

For everything else Airbnb, Chesky puts leaders into positions they can excel in and gives them control. He empowers those leaders and only gets involved when theirs issues or additional help is needed.

Never Quit
When Airbnb first launched, the idea of allowing strangers to live in your house sounded strange and Chesky struggled to cover his expenses. “Nobody wanted to provide funds,” recalled Chesky, “You know those binders that you put baseball cards in? We put credit cards in them.” Determined, Chesky and the co-founders poured in all the money they had and maxed out all their credit cards, resulting in almost $40,000 dollars in debt.

After Work & Free Time
Once a bodybuilder, Brian Chesky likes to workout daily and keep a healthy diet. He goes to the gym around 8pm and heads for his Airbnb after. Chesky also enjoys reading and tries to finish a book per week.

Chesky lives his product by using Airbnb daily and moves houses every 5 days. Chesky even rents out his own house (though he likely has others) to strangers.

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