March 5, 2019

Sean “Diddy” Combs Daily Routine, Tips, and Insomnia

by Ricky Wild in Entrepreneurs

Sean Combs, a.k.a. “Puff Daddy”, a.k.a. “P. Diddy”, or any combination of the three, is an American songwriter, rapper, producer, and business mogul. He first worked as an intern at Uptown Records and after opened his own record label, Bad Boy Entertainment.

Aside from music, Sean Combs has been involved in many other business ventures, such as his own clothing brand, recieving 50% of revenue from Ciroc vodka for helping develop the brand, and investing in many startups and established businesses. Now let’s see what it take to be Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Morning Routine
Diddy wakes up at 10am every morning. He likes to remain in bed with his phone for a short while after waking. During this time, he’s “puttin’ out fires,” which is talking on the phone with partners and resolving issues.

Diddy also likes to read quotes in the morning, “I have this app that has these daily quotes like a conversation with god. You know, just how the stress of this world and we just got in tune with our life source all day. Instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, just let it play out and really trust in god. I read that every day so I can get my trust up, so when I get hit with things, I’m also feeling with my faith.

His morning concludes by driving his kids to school and himself to the office. Diddy drinks water with extra electrolytes every morning, tweeting a picture of the water and the caption, “My morning routine!! Wake up and POWER UP!! Let’s GO!

Average Workday
Diddy, on most days and when he’s not traveling, splits time between his office and studio. He reserves the studio for the afternoon and office for the morning. He gets to his office around 11:30am.

When in the office, he’s for the most part trying to grow his businesses, meet with people, and make executive decisions. When making business decisions, he views himself as a “curator of cool” and bases his decisions around how he envisions products in society.

From the mid to late-nineties, Diddy would get to the studio between 9 and 10pm, and not leave until between 4 and 5am. While he still sometimes stays in the studio into the later hours, he avoids doing it regularly. When Diddy’s not in the studio at night, he can be found traveling, at fashion shows, meeting with people, or just hanging with friends.

Rules for Life
Diddy said, “Make God first in your life. Treat others as you would want others to treat you. Have some fun while you’re here. Don’t listen to everything you hear. And love your mother.

Night Routine
When Diddy finally settles down for the night, he follows a daily skincare routine and hydrates. Diddy’s been “trying to become a better human” and reading self-help books. With a schedule as busy as his, he likely also does the before bed and in his spare time.

Sleep When Your Dead
Diddy’s sleep habits would be unhealthy for most people, but works for him. Diddy likes to sleep as little as possible and attributes part of his success to his ability to work on less sleep. He’s tweeted, “I never sleep, that’s why I got way more than you got,” and “People ask why I never sleep..then I realize I’ve been living my dreams my whole life…I just chose to make the dreams reality. U can too.

When talking about Diddy’s sleeping habits, director Nicholas Stoller said, “Diddy doesn’t sleep at night, so he would sleep between takes. There’s nothing funnier than seeing Sean Combs wrapped up in a Louis Vuitton blanket like an adorable child.

Having achieved incredible feats and being the highest earner in entertainment at one point, Diddy tries to sleep more than he used too and hates his insomnia. While he used to be proud of working 18 hours and sleeping for 3, he now takes various sleeping medication, teas, and lavender to fall asleep.

Diet and Exercise
Diddy largely avoids sugars, scratchy veggies, and flour. More, he tries to consume as few carbs as possible, as it keeps his insulin levels low and less fat is stored. This also causes Diddy’s body to use his stored fat as a source of energy.

Regarding working out, Diddy tries to run every weekday and claims to run 5-6 miles each time. Diddy lifts weights every Friday, but tries to lift more often when possible. Diddy completed the New York Marathon in 2003, after only 2 months of training.


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